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Support for foster carers of unaccompanied asylum seeking children at risk of trafficking and modern slavery. 

We're pleased to be working with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on a pilot project to support foster carers to look after children who may go missing from care due to the risk of human trafficking and modern slavery they face. 

Our pilot project is focussed on Albanian and Vietnamese unaccompanied asylum seeking children, who represent two of the top nationalities identified as potential victims of trafficking in the UK. The project aims to provide training, resources, and support through forums to foster carers to increase their knowledge and confidence in looking after these children at risk. It will also provide a tool for unaccompanied children from Albania and Vietnam who are victims or at risk of trafficking, to support their placement in care.

Training and forums

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The project is supported by Barnardo's, who will be delivering specialist training for foster carers and developing bespoke resources. Training sessions and forums for foster carers will take place on various dates from October 2017 to September 2018. You can view the training and forum schedules in the 'Downloads' and 'Key Documents' sections on this page.

More information 

If you require further information, please contact Niamh Walsh-Kavanagh Niamh at: or on: 020 8726 6000 (extension. 62672)


We have developed an online platform using a site called Huddle. Huddle will allow us to share project resources and materials that are produced for our joint International Organization for Migration (IOM) and London Borough of Croydon (LBC) project. Our project resources include:

  • a foster carer handbook
  • foster carer briefings
  • details of project forums and training sessions, and much more!!!

To access the space, foster carers need to be invited. Please contact if you would like to be a part of this, or know someone who would.


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