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Today is Takeover Challenge day where young people in Croydon take on some of the biggest jobs in the Council.

This is the first time takeover day is happening in Croydon. There are 68 young people aged 11 - 18 taking part, who will be placed in charge across 26 different roles across the Council, Croydon Police and other external organisations.

This year, as part of our choose your future campaign, we’re offering exciting and aspirational placements from both inside and outside the council. The council’s chief executive role will be taken over and will be supported by other young people in senior leadership roles across health and social care, education, finance, economic development and more. The Takeover Challenge provides young people with a chance to have a say in the decisions that are made; some of the young people involved will take on the responsibility for strategic planning on issues such as housing needs and transport.

The placement of young people in all the roles will give local leaders and decision makers a fresh perspective on the services Croydon residents rely on. Young people will also see first-hand what happens day-to-day within the council, Croydon Police, the NHS, TMRW hub and other organisations such as Croydon Drop In (CDI), Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group, Palace for Life and Croydon Safeguarding Children’s Board.

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Youth Engagement Coordinator
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