London Borough of Croydon

Advocacy under the Care Act 2014

The local authority has a duty to provide advocacy to an individual who would have substantial difficulty in being involved in:

  • Care Assessment
  • Care Planning
  • Care Review
  • Safeguarding enquiry
  • Safeguarding adult review

and where there is no appropriate individual to support them.      

Other advocacy situations

The Borough also provides advocacy in the following circumstances:

The Mental Capacity Act 2005

This provides a statutory framework for acting and making decisions on behalf of individuals who lack the mental capacity to do so for themselves. The independent Mental Capacity advocate (IMCA) service supports people who lack capacity and who have no family or friends to support them when serious decisions are taken in their lives.

The Mental Health Act 2007:

Arrangements will be made to provide independent Mental Health Advocates (IMHA) for 'qualifying' patients in England.

Advocacy services provided on behalf of the council and CCG are:

Advocacy type


Referrals route

General –non statutory

Voiceability Learning Disability professional advocacy.


Phone or by email to Giles Frampton Tel 0755 774 6416

Central Referral Team or call the referral Line: 0300 330 5499 (Mon - Fri, 9-5pm). 

Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy



General and Independent Mental Health Advocacy


Referrals can be made for (both IMHA and general) is 0208 763 6730.

NHS Complaints advocacy



Care Act Advocacy


Care Act Advocacy


Care Act Advocacy

Advocacy for all

Care Act Advocacy

KAG Advocacy

Siddeley House, 50 Canbury Park Road, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6LX.

Telephone number is 02085491028,

fax number 02085491050