London Borough of Croydon

What is Croydon Community Mediation?

Croydon Community Mediation (CCM) offers a mediation service to housing and housing association tenants as well as other people. The service is an independent non-profit making organisation, supported by the council and others.

The service is free to council and housing association tenants. A charge may be made to landlords who use the service.

The term 'community' mediation covers any mediation which is not concerned with family law, commercial or financial disputes requiring specialist help. It is used in situations of divorce and separation (family mediation), and when appropriate between victims and offenders.

The most common problems involve noise, boundaries, repairs, cars, animals, boisterous children, smells and habits or behaviours which disturb those living close by.

Usually, a resolution happens quickly, once people have decided to give it a try, and when there is a safe, confidential, impartial environment and atmosphere, with ground rules to guide exchanges.

For more information about mediation, the organisation, becoming a volunteer mediator, or training, please contact us.


Croydon Mediation Service

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17-20 Ramsey Court

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