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Taxicard progress report - 15 October

Following the attached report that was presented to London Councils Transport and Environment Committee (TEC) on 15 October, it was agreed to charge for lost and damaged Taxicard replacements, and that charging should start in November.

From 30 November 2015 there will be a £10 charge to pay for replacement of lost or damaged cards. Customers will need to contact London Councils Taxicard team on  020 7934 9791 or to notify them of the need for a replacement card and to arrange to make the payment.

The London Taxicard

The London taxicard is a non-statutory concession. It allows disabled people living in Croydon to use licensed black cabs and some public hire vehicles (mini cabs)  at reduced fares. Residents, who are registered blind, have very severe mobility problems and are unable to use public transport, may qualify for this scheme.

The taxicard holder pays a minimum contribution towards the amount shown on the meter, with Croydon Council paying a subsidy up to the maximum council contribution. The taxicard holder then pays any remaining charges. The amount paid by us is increased for trips made at night or at weekends. The concession is limited to a fixed number of subsidised trips per year, and this trip limit is the same for all scheme members.

Croydon Council pays for the London taxicard with the help of a subsidy from the Mayor of London.

How to apply for a Taxicard

Download a copy of the application form using the 'Taxicard application form' link at the bottom of this page. 

  • If  you are unable to download an application form, you can request one from us, using the contact details below.
  • You can also request an application form directly from: London Councils

Where to send your completed application:

Once you have completed the application form please send it, together with all the requested evidence and a recent passport sized photograph with your name printed on the back to: London Councils Taxicard Section, 59 1/2 Southwark Street, London, SE1 OAL.

Taxicard application enquiries

If you have any enquiries about the taxicard application form, please call London Councils on: 0845 415 4156 or 020 7934 9791.

Notify us of changes

If you currently have a taxicard please remember to report any change of address or telephone number to the travel team (please see contact details below), so that we can make sure any renewal invitation letters reach you. When reporting a change of address please provide proof of your new address eg utility bill, letter from DWP, tenancy agreement etc.

Appeal process - what to do if you are dissatisfied with the decision we have made

If you wish to appeal against a decision we have made you can view our Concessionary Travel Service Appeals Policy from the downloads section below

This policy covers the process and arrangements that are needed to enable service users to appeal against rejections of either applications for Freedom Passes, Taxicards and Blue Badges or against previous appeals.

Customer satisfaction survey

Each quarter the travel services team send out 300 postcard style surveys to our customers, to seek feedback about our performance and to invite suggestions for improvements. If you receive one of these postcards, we would appreciate it if you would take the time to complete the survey to let us know what you think about our performance. We aim to publish the results and the actions we have taken as a result of your comments by updating this web page twice yearly.

Of course, you do not need to receive a survey card to tell us your views. We would be interested to hear from you at any time. You can contact the travel service team by email, post or telephone using the contact details shown below.


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