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What you need to know

The government made significant changes to welfare and benefits. Many changes have already been introduced but there are further changes coming. The changes are part of the government's Welfare Reform Act 2012. Please visit the DWP's pages for more information about  further planned welfare changes  Link to DWP?

Benefit cap

There is a limit on the amount of benefit a household who is in receipt of working age benefits can get. Benefits have be capped at £296.35 a week for single adults and £442.31 a week for couples (with or without a child or children) and single parents (with a child or children).

If the total amount of all benefits are more than the limit, it will be deducted from the housing benefit (help paying rent) and the difference will have to be made up by you. !!For more information visit our benefit cap page

Bedroom limit (housing benefit)

Housing benefit (help paying rent) is based on the number of bedrooms a household needs and not on the number of bedrooms the home actually has.

One extra room means a deduction of 14% per week; two or more extra bedrooms mean a deduction of 25% per week. If you receive housing benefit and have 'extra' bedrooms you'll lose money.

For more information please visit our bedroom limit pages

Council tax support

In April 2013, the government's national council tax benefit scheme was replaced with council tax support.

 Those claiming disability living allowance, employment and support allowance, and income support will be exempt. The exemption also applies to people receiving a state pension and single parents with children under the age of five.

For more information visit our changes to council tax support (benefits) page