We love, and are proud of our 127 parks and green spaces in Croydon, each one with its own unique features and facilities. Our vision is to ensure that these important local spaces are sustainable and attractive to future generations.

In March 2016, the council’s Cabinet approved a report ‘Ambitious for parks and green spaces in Croydon – working with our communities’. This looked at the challenge of providing high quality parks, which are attracting more people, with less money.

So, we started ‘ambitious for Croydon parks’ – a programme of work looking at ways to face up to these challenges.

First we held the 'Croydon talks parks' survey to find out what people value most from the parks and green spaces in the borough. Nearly 1,500 people got involved and told us what's important and what they would like to see improved to help these vital spaces reach their full potential. This feedback is now helping us with a wide range of projects for Croydon’s green spaces.