Current status of Croydon parks

Croydon’s parks remain open to the public 24 hours a day during Covid-19 restrictions. 

Using our parks during the COVID-19 lockdown

Our parks and green spaces play an important role in the physical and mental wellbeing of our residents and are a lifeline for those without gardens and others needing fresh air or exercise. Please use them responsibly by:

  • cycling considerately for other users and not on undesignated bridleways in greenspaces with fragile habitats
  • follow @YourCroydon on social media for up-to-date advice on using our parks responsibly

The government's website provides comprehensive guidance on how to stay safe and behave responsibly when outside of your home.

What you can do at the park

Our playgrounds are open for responsible public use. However, they are not sanitised and users of these facilities are doing so at their own risk. As a result, please follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe. Some toilet facilities have had to be closed as a reduced staff capacity means we are unable to cleanse them sufficiently. Other facilities that are open will be opened/closed, cleansed and restocked daily.

Facilities including basketball and tennis courts, outdoor gyms, skate facilities and multi-use games areas are open and available for your use.

How to protect yourself while outside

Signage has been put in place at these facilities to inform and advise key messages, including:

  • avoid visiting parks, green spaces and recreational areas if you have any coronavirus symptoms
  • use a tissue or sleeve to catch a cough or sneeze
  • avoid touching your face
  • use the toilet facilities only if necessary, otherwise go home if you can
  • use your own hand sanitiser or wipes before and after using equipment
  • no eating or drinking in and around playgrounds
  • if the playground is busy, please wait or return later
  • wash your hands as soon as you return home

Report a problem or a breach of the Coronavirus measures

If there's a problem in a Croydon park, you can email

If you see someone breaching the COVID-19 measures, you should contact the police.