London Borough of Croydon

Croydon, in partnership with British Cycling, has rolled out one of the first Breeze network of women-only bike rides.

Join a social, friendly, women-only bike ride in your area.

The Breeze network

Group bike rides - led by women, for women

The Breeze network is British Cycling's new national network of bike rides for women. Supported by Sport England lottery funding, Breeze will deliver tens of thousands of cycling opportunities for women across England.

These fun, recreational group bike rides will be led by women for women. The Breeze network empowers women to change the face of cycling for good and leave a lasting legacy. Over the next three years British Cycling will train over 1,000 women to become local Breeze champions with a Ride Leader qualification. This will result in over 80,000 women cycling.

Being part of the Breeze network

Breeze is investing lottery funding from Sport England in providing free national governing body training, kit and ongoing support to the network of volunteer Breeze champions. In return, champions promote the Breeze network and deliver around 14 rides a year in their local area. All the Breeze clothing and kit is theirs to keep as a volunteer who is actively supporting the Breeze network.

Breeze champions will help other women to enjoy the fun, fresh air and freedom offered by bike rides. Breeze champions are vital to the success of the network.

For further information please contact:

Tel: 0161 274 2117