London Borough of Croydon

Our vision for Croydon parks is to see them used, enjoyed and managed in ways never seen before in the borough. To achieve this we need to improve them, make them more appealing and manage them at less or no cost to the council.

Croydon Council, like other local authorities does not receive dedicated funding from government to maintain its parks service, and finding the money for parks maintenance and improvements continues to be a challenge. That’s why we’re looking at different ways to fund and run our parks.

Six parks which represent the diversity of open spaces in the borough, are pilots for new approaches to how our parks are managed and used. The parks are;

  • Ashburton Park
  • Park Hill Recreation Ground
  • Lloyd Park
  • South Norwood Lake
  • Norbury Park
  • Happy Valley

Key proposals and masterplans

Following work undertaken by planning and landscape consultants Tyréns in 2017, masterplans have been developed for each of the six parks. A summary of key recommendations and a link to the masterplans for each park can be found below.

Thank you to everyone who got involved and commented on the draft design plans. The masterplans take account the feedback received, and include proposals to make the parks more attractive and accessible especially for younger people and those with disability. They also include recommendations for alternative ways to maintain our parks to ensure they are great places for all to enjoy.

Each masterplan identifies relevant funding opportunities. These will all be considered, and if appropriate the council will bid for external funding, or support community groups to do so. Where there are opportunities to secure funding for other parks, we will seek to co-ordinate this to secure the greatest benefit for Croydon’s parks.

The masterplans include proposed improvements to the parks, a summary of these is set out below.

  • Ashburton Park – refurbished and enhanced sports facilities and kiosk, ecology and landscaping improvements, outdoor gym and skate park.
  • Park Hill Recreation Ground – improved entrance with café, toilets and cycle parking at Barclay Road, landscaping and ecology improvements, refurbished play and sports facilities, activation of the water tower and conversion of the existing depot to provide a community arts and education hub.
  • Lloyd Park – new disabled accessible routes, introduction of new sport or recreation activities and events, improved entrances and signage.
  • South Norwood Lake – a new sports hub with shared changing and club house, access and pedestrian improvements including new circuit route and trim trail, improved ecology and water quality management.
  • Norbury Park – new shared use pedestrian and cycle route, de-culverting of river and landscape improvements, enhanced sport and play facilities, including cricket pitch, ball games area and outdoor gym. 
  • Happy Valley – a new disabled accessible route and viewing platform, provision of natural play and trim trail equipment, improved information signage and wayfinding.

Plans for Parks

Next steps

The park masterplans provide a strong evidence base to support funding applications, and will inform how we maintain them in the future. Over the next year and beyond, we will be working with partners e.g. the Greater London Authority to secure funding, and with partners e.g. the City of London, to explore opportunities for collaborative working.

The masterplans will remain as draft proposals and will be developed in detail as funding is secured. Updates on this will be provided on this page.


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