London Borough of Croydon

Work experience opportunities

A work placement gives you the chance to gain hands-on experience of the working world and can be invaluable to entering into your chosen career

Work experience is a great way to gain experience and skills, and often gives you good examples which you can use on application form and at interviews.

Why should I do a work placement?

The outcomes of work placements include:

  • clarifying your own career goals;
  • gaining an insight into the way organisations operate and the challenges they face;
  • can increase your skills and knowledge;
  • networking opportunity;
  • understanding a particular job and the council.

The benefits of work placements can include:

  • a supervisor who might be able to act as a referee for you in future job applications;
  • confirm your future career goals.

How do I apply for a work placement?

You will need to complete the work experience application form in the downloads section below. You will need to give details as to why you want to apply for work experience in the specific department you are interested in and say what you hope to achieve from your work experience. Please submit the completed form to the email address below.

In the subject box please include the date you would like to complete your work experience, for example 2 February - 13 February 2016.

Next step?

Once your work experience application form is received it will be sent to the relevant department for consideration. This department is the one you have expressed interested in, for example the housing department. If the department agreed to accommodate your request for work experience then we will ask you to complete a work experience agreement form include a confidential form.

For students under 16 we require a completed parent's consent form, which you can find in the downloads section below.

For more information on support with finding work experience, please visit GOV.UK or Connexions.




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