London Borough of Croydon

Champion for Croydon's children… the future is theirs

Our vision shapes every aspect of the work we do at Croydon children's service.

  • We see social workers as the agents of change in families’ lives, and know that we need to support them to be the best they can be, which means good supervision, support systems, training and recognition. who by their direct help can make children’s lives better.
  • We will keep caseloads at a manageable level where social workers can build relationships with families and do direct work which will achieve positive outcomes for children and families.
  • We are training our social workers in systemic family therapy so they have the tools to make change happen.
  • Through our new 'Consultant Practitioner' roles who are managed by our Principal Social Worker in the social work units we can ensure our staff have access to support, training, mentoring and  bring intensive support and reflective clinical supervision. to social workers.
  • We have introduced specialist social worker posts for domestic violence, and adult mental health / substance misuse to enable the strengthening of multi-agency operational practice in these areas.
  • We have reduced the amount of time social workers spend on administrative activity by introducing 'Unit Co-ordinators' to the social work units.
  • We have introduced a salary framework that makes continuing practice in the front-line a real option.
  • We are committed to delivering establishing new relationships with a range of evidence-based interventions and we are members of Research in Practice which gives our workers access to training and research materials to support them in their daily work services.
  • We have located our social work units in accessible, modern, well-equipped offices in central Croydon, close to all main transport routes.
  • The focus is on making a real difference to the safeguarding and well-being of children – achieving real, tangible outcomes and benefits.

You can watch our director of people, Barbara Peacock, and Councillor Flemming, talking about Croydon's vision for children, young people and families in the videos below or as a playlist on YouTube.

Councillor Alisa Flemming

Barbara Peacock – Executive director for people