London Borough of Croydon

Before you apply for social housing you should complete our housing options self help tool. This will assess whether you have a housing need under our allocations scheme criteria and whether you could, therefore, be considered for housing.

If it is recommended that you complete an application, you will be given a link to the housing application form.

If you are asked to complete a full housing application, the following information will help:

Completing your application

You will need the following information for every person on your application:

  • full name, address, date of birth and ethnicity
  • National Insurance numbers (adults)
  • medical conditions that affect the type of property needed
  • name and contact details of any support or social workers who are assigned to you or your household.

Find out how the housing register works by downloading the Things you need to know ... information sheet below.

Saving your application

You can save your part-completed application and then go back and continue.

You will be asked to submit a password of your choice. To get back to your saved application go to 'History, on your internet explorer browser. Locate your form by date under secure.croydon ( then:

  • click on the 'Restore' button
  • tick the version you wish to restore
  • enter your password

You can only restore your application on the same computer where you saved it. You can only restore your application within three days of saving it.

Submitting your application

When you have completed and submitted your online application, a summary will be displayed on screen.

When your application has been processed we will write to tell you in which band you have been placed.

Your priority for housing will be assessed from the information given on your application. Before any offers of accommodation are made all the information on your application will be checked and verified. If any of the information is found to be incorrect your application will be reassessed and you may be placed in a different band.

If you are accepted on the housing register you can check your position on the waiting list by visiting the online My Account tool. To do this you will first need create an online account with us. Once you've created an account, choose housing register.


Housing register team

020 8726 6100
Address Line:

Bernard Weatherill House

8 Mint Walk




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