London Borough of Croydon

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Who we are

Caroline Beech

I have managed the discretionary support team for the last five years. Before that I was a housing benefits assessment officer. I have recently taken on the social letting agency.

Sherine Clarke

I am one of the social lettings officers. In the past I have worked on the discretionary support team, and I also have a background as a housing benefit assessments officer. I also a great deal of experience with universal credit and an excellent working partnership with the Jobcentre Plus. I recently joined the social letting agency, ‘Croydon Lettings’, and now I am able to offer a complete wrap-around package. We all feel very strongly about offering a service which bridges the gap between the tenant and the landlord. Our focus is the preparation for a tenancy and an after-care package for both the landlord and the tenant. 

Layla Manning

I am the property negotiator. I have 6 years of experience working in various high street letting agencies. My main focus is to procure properties for residents at the local housing allowance rate, and managing the expectations of Landlords and Tenants. As a resident of Croydon I am aware of the extreme pressures on the housing market and I feel strongly about building relationships between landlords and tenants, to make the transition smoother for all parties. 

Picture of the Social Lettings Tam