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What we do

Croydon Lettings Agency’s goal is to help residents find and keep a home in the private rental sector. We aim to strengthen tenancies by working with landlords and residents to match their needs.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and focuses on suitable solutions such as tenancy training to increase resident’s life opportunities. 
By procuring the right property for the right resident, we provide a holistic wrap-around service.

What is involved?

Croydon Lettings operates differently to high street letting agencies, providing the following services:

  • Support residents to pay their rent in advance, and the deposit if needed
  • Provide tenants with assistance in setting up a direct debit to pay rent directly to the landlord
  • After care package for both landlord and resident 
  • Ensure that tenants are ready for tenancies through our tailored training package
  • Holistic wrap-around service if required
  • Strengthen and sustain tenancies 
  • Help prevent the need for a landlord to take legal action against tenants
  • Continued support during lifespan of the tenancy

Croydon Lettings offers this service without any fees, so no cost to the landlord or tenant! 

If you are a landlord or a tenant, Contact us via our online referral form

Other Contacts:

  • Layla, Property negotiator     07784224445
  • Sherine, Social lettings officer    07523504519

Your Feedback

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