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Landlord testimonial 

Mrs A

‘I found both Hiral and Sherine to be highly responsive and efficient. In addition to providing me with a well-suited tenant, they demonstrated care and patience in explaining the process to the prospective tenant as well as arranging prompt payment on instruction. I highly recommend their service and look forward to working with them again in future.’ 

Mr B

‘Throughout the whole process, our liaison officer was always contactable by email and phone. They kept us updated and informed every step of the way. 
Operating with integrity and transparently, Croydon Lettings demonstrated their commitment to supporting both parties for mutual gain, and we have been able to build trust quickly - something that is essential for us.
The last stage of the process was to meet both our liaison officer and the potential tenant in person. It was really nice to put a face to a name and to have our own chance to ask the tenant any questions. 
Another benefit we found was that Croydon Lettings has links with other support agencies and has the authority to work alongside them to make sure the tenant is well-prepared and looked after. It was also great to know that the tenant’s utility bills, council tax and rent payments have been set up with Croydon Lettings’ support. This takes away the fear of missed or late payments to the landlord.’

Resident story 

Landlord Tracey signed up to the council agency, after her last tenant did not pay rent for six months and she needed a more reliable person to rent her two-bedroom flat in Selhurst.

Her new tenant, Sophie, a 23-year-old mother of two with special needs, has now settled in after getting the help with her move.
Sophie said: “It’s a really nice flat. I would have found it a bit difficult without my mum or the council to help me with the forms.”

Landlord Tracey said: “Croydon Lettings has been amazing from start-to-finish, in terms of customer service, meeting us and making things easy for us. Everything is geared around trying to make it a good working relationship between us, the tenant and the council.”