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CapacityGrid empty homes review

For details of the CapacityGrid empty homes review 2014 please see the CapacityGrid pages.

Reporting an empty property

You can report an empty property:

  • online by using our empty property form,
  • or calling the empty property hotline on: 020 8760 5470.
  • or download the My Croydon app available from the Google Play store for Android smartphones or Apple iTunes store for iPhones - and selecting Report it and then  empty property from the drop down list

We will investigate and contact the owner to try to bring the property back into use. Enforcement powers may be used, where appropriate.

Are you an owner of an empty property?

We provide details of schemes and useful contacts to help you bring your property back into use.

We negotiate with owners of empty properties to ensure these become occupied. Once negotiations have started we ask owners to update us on their progress every three to four months.

Where an empty property is the subject of regular complaints from neighbours, we may consider compulsory purchase of the property.

Are you an investor or property developer?

If you are an investor or property developer interested in purchasing empty properties in Croydon you can apply to have your details put on our developers list, where you can outline the areas and property types you are interested in.

This list is sent to owners of empty properties in the borough who are thinking about selling.

To apply please use the developers list online form.

Empty property grant

Empty Property Grants are available to owners (freeholder or leaseholder) of flats and houses in the borough which have been empty for at least 6 months and require essential repairs and improvements. An Empty Property Grant can cover the reasonable cost of eligible works to repair or renovate a qualifying property and make it suitable for occupation. Where an applicant has planning permission for conversion of a commercial or residential building into residential accommodation we will consider this for funding as well. Certain energy efficiency works can also be funded. The Council requires nomination rights for the future tenants for a minimum period of 5 years.

Further information, including the application form and other essential documents, is available from the downloads link at the bottom of the page. 

If you are considering applying for an Empty Property Grant please read through the covering letter first to ensure that you complete and return the correct forms.

If you own an empty property in the borough of Croydon, or are considering buying one, and wish to discuss other options with an empty property officer please call on 020 8760 5470 or email

Empty property loans

We have an Empty Property Loans scheme to help owners bring empty properties back into use. Loans granted under this scheme will be for a maximum period of two years and can be up to £40,000 for a property with two or more bedrooms.

If you own an empty property in the borough of Croydon, or are considering buying one, and wish to discuss other options with an empty property officer please call on 020 8760 5470 or email

Community interest groups

We are aware that the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) approved individual funding for two local community interest companies. these two companies specifically targeted Croydon when submitting their bids for funding. Each community interest company is a not-for-profit organisation and will be responsible for its own refurbishment budget. Grants could be available up to £20,000 per property on condition that the refurbished property is then made available for affordable housing. For further information please contact the empty property officers on 020 8760 5470 or email

Housing association leasing scheme

A nominated housing association leases your empty property for three years then sub-leases it to the council for the duration of the lease. During this time you will receive a guaranteed monthly payment from the housing association who will also manage and maintain the property at no extra cost to you. For more details see the housing association leasing scheme page.

Landlord bond scheme

This enables owners to rent an empty property on an assured shorthold tenancy basis for a minimum of two years. For more details see the landlord schemes page.


Empty Property Grants (Private Sector)

Job Title: 
Empty Property Officer
020 8760 5470
Address Line:

Housing renewal

Bernard Weatherill House

8 Mint Walk




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