London Borough of Croydon

Landlord Newsletters and Landlord Forum

On this page you can find the latest editions of the the landlord newsletter and minutes from the landlord forum.


Landlord newsletter April 2019

Landlord newsletter and Forum invite - January 2019

Landlord newsletter October 2018

Landlord newsletter June 2018

Landlord newsletter January 2018

Landlord newsletter September 2017

Landlord newsletter April 2017

Landlord newsletter November 2016

Landlord newsletter June 2016

Landlord newsletter November 2015

Landlord Forum

Landlord Forum presentations June 2019

Right to Rent Scheme - useful links 2019

Landlord Forum presentations January 2019

Croydon Healthy Homes presentation January 2019

Landlord newsletter October 2018 (forum invite)

Landlord Forum June and July 2018

Landlord Forum Healthy Homes Service presentation

Landlord Forum September 2017 Minutes

Landlord Forum May - June 2017 Minutes

Landlord Forum Terms of Reference

Landlord Forum December 2016 - Minutes

Landlord Forum December 2016 - Presentation

Landlord Forum December 2016 - smart meters



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