London Borough of Croydon

How do I know if my landlord has a licence for the property I'm renting?

The council is required to keep a public register of all licenced privately rented properties in the borough. To enquire about your home, please email

How do I report an unlicensed property?

Email or call 020 8726 6103 (available Monday to Friday 09.00 - 16.00).

What does landlord licensing mean for me?

As a tenant you will receive better protection from eviction as a Section 21 Notice is invalid if a property is not licensed. You will also be able to complain to the council if your landlord is harassing or intimidating you. Your home will also be inspected to ensure that it meets the necessary Housing, Health and Safety rating so you are confident you have a safe place to live.

Does this mean my rent is going to go up?

There is a possibility that your landlord could increase your rent, however the licence fee should not mean a huge monthly increase. The cost for the licence is £750 for a licence applied for after the 1st October and just £350 for a licence applied for during the early bird period from the 1st July. In simple terms this equates to £3.07 per week for a full charge and £1.15 per week for discounted fees.

How can I make a complaint about a licensed landlord?

If you are experiencing issues with a licensed landlord, please email

Why are references for tenants required?

One of the conditions of the licence is that the landlord must obtain a reference for new tenants.

We may ask the licence holder for evidence that a reference was received.

It is really important for landlords to ensure they have responsible tenants who are going to treat their property with care and respect.

What happens if tenants do not have a good reference?

It is up to a landlord regarding whether or not they grant tenancy to a prospective tenant with a poor reference.

This is the first time I have rented, what should I do about references?

We accept there are circumstances where it is not possible for prospective tenants to get references from previous landlords as they may be a first time renter or new to the UK.

In these situations landlords are recommended to consider character references from banks, colleges, places of work etc.

How can I report issues or concerns about a private rented property?

Please see document 'CPRPL - reporting issues' available to download below.


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