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Associated Works - Works that relate to and are carried out at the same time as decorations.

Apportionment (method of) - The way that the costs of a service are shared.

Complex, Estate Complex - The area of an estate defined in a lease which surrounds a block of flats or maisonettes and over which the leaseholder has rights of access and has to contribute towards the cost of upkeep and repairs.

Deed of Covenant - A legal document setting out an undertaking, agreement, restriction or permission.

Deed of Variation - A legal document altering the terms of a lease.

Demise, Demised premises - The property owned by the leaseholder as defined by the lease.

Enfranchisement - Legal right to buy the landlord's/council's interest in the property, usually a right to buy the freehold.

Freehold, Freehold interest - Normally the landlord's/council's rights in the property (unless the landlord/council is a head leaseholder).

Ground Rent - The rent charged by the landlord/council to the leaseholder.

Habitable Room - A bedroom, living room or other reception room, not a kitchen, bathroom or WC.

Improvements - Significant works to be carried out to a property, block or estate but not work that is required to remedy disrepair.

Lease - The legal contract between the leaseholder and the landlord/council. It gives ownership (strictly tenancy) of the property for a long period of time to the leaseholder. It sets out the rights and obligations of both the landlord/council and the leaseholder.

Leasehold, Leasehold interest - The leaseholder's rights in the property.

Leaseholder, Lessee - The owner (strictly the tenant) of a property on a long lease.

Major Repairs - Significant work required to remedy disrepair to the structure, services or external elements of a property, block or estate.

Section 20 Consultation - Refers to 'Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended)', and the 'Commonhold and Leaseholder Reform Act 2002'. It states how the landlord/council must consult with the leaseholder before carrying out repairs above a certain value.

Section 125 Notice - Refers to Section 125 of the Housing Act 1988; a notice in which the landlord/council estimates the costs that the leaseholder may have to pay for repairs during the first five years of the lease.

Service Charge - Charge paid by a leaseholder for services provided by the landlord/council.

Subletting - Letting of the property by the leaseholder to a third party.

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