London Borough of Croydon

Reporting repairs during COVID-19

Update 19 May 2020:

We are only carrying out essential and emergency repairs.

We are receiving an increased number of calls after the government's changes to lockdown announced on 10 May, but there is no change to the type of work we are carrying out. This remains essential repairs only, including gas servicing and a small number of repairs in communal areas. We are protecting our residents and staff by limiting the number of repairs we carry out.

Over the coming months, we will be introducing steps to carry out other types of repairs in your home while keeping to current social distancing controls. This will be organised in a timely, safe and managed way to protect you and our staff.

We will only be making emergency repairs

Due to considerations of safety towards both you and our staff, we are only able to attend emergency repairs. In most cases we will only make the issue safe, rather than carrying out a full repair.

All other repairs work, apart from gas servicing, will stop for the foreseeable future, including any work that may already have an appointment date.  

Repairs relating to water supply or electrical issues will only be attended if they are an emergency.

Safety First!

We've adapted our home repairs service to keep you and your homes safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Read our safety first information.  

If we attend an emergency repair

If our repairs staff attend an emergency repair and it is possible to do so, they will ask you to move to a different room while they carry out the repair. They will also wash their hands when entering and leaving the property – both of these steps are designed to follow government requirements on social distancing.

How to contact the repair team

During this period of social distancing and staying at home as government guidance suggests, residents can still contact our repairs team in the normal way:

Telephone: 020 8726 6101



For all queries not relating to housing repairs, contact 020 8726 6000.