London Borough of Croydon

Tenancy policy

We will offer most eligible applicants a fixed term flexible tenancy. We consider this reasonable in the majority of cases as it allows for a regular review of the needs of the tenant and their household, a review of how the tenancy has been conducted, and an opportunity to look at current and future housing options. However, there are a number of exceptions we will make, which are set out in the council’s tenancy policy.

Flexible tenancy

As a flexible tenant, you have tenancy for a fixed period. This is usually for at least 5 years, though in some cases it may be between 2 and 5 years.

At the end of the fixed period the council may decide to:

  • offer you another fixed-term tenancy
  • not renew your tenancy

We must explain their reasons if they decide not to renew your tenancy and give you a chance to challenge the decision.

As a flexible tenant you can:

  • participate in schemes such as Homefinder UK, Housing Moves and, if eligible, join our housing register and bid for a suitable home on Croydon Choice.
  • buy your property through the Right to Buy scheme
  • swap your home with another council or housing association tenant - with your council’s permission
  • transfer your tenancy to someone else in some circumstances

Completing your flexible tenancy review

When you signed your tenancy agreement you were advised that the tenancy was a fixed term flexible tenancy. This tenancy may expire at some point and the Council will be in touch by email or letter to request that you need to update your information online to ensure it is correctly reviewed.

Once you have received your email or letter,  it will provide you with the necessary link and review reference number to complete your review.   You must have an email address and already be  registered with My Account while ensuring that your  My Account profile is up to date.

Normally, you will have 28 days to complete the review. If you do not complete the review within this period your tenancy may not be renewed and you could lose your current accommodation.

You will receive an email or letter after the 4th year anniversary of you signing your tenancy agreement. If you have received this correspondence there will be 3 simple steps to follow to ensure your tenancy agreement is correctly reviewed:


1. Log on to

Complete the online form. If you have not already registered with My Account you will need to do so.

2. Enter the review reference number you received by letter or email

Once you are logged in, please enter your review reference number which can be found on the letter or email received from the Council.

3. Submit Application

Complete and submit your Flexible tenancy review, once submitted you cannot amend your review form.

Once we have received your completed review form we will assess your current needs and circumstances, and let you know the outcome of our review. In most circumstances we would anticipate that the tenancy will be renewed for another fixed term period.

If following your review you are not granted another tenancy, you have the legal right to ask for a review of our decision. We will tell you more about this if this situation arises.

For additional details about flexible tenancy or the flexible tenancy review process, read the conditions of flexible tenancy.


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