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Paying your rent

There are a number of ways to pay your rent.

Direct debit

There are lots of advantages to paying your rent by direct debit and many of our tenants are doing just that. We will even give you a one-off payment of £15 when you set up a rent direct debit and £5 for garages.

Direct debit is an easy way to pay rent:

  • once you have agreed to pay by direct debit, payments will be made automatically - you no longer have to remember to pay each month
  • you can choose to have your payments taken on either the 1st or 14th of each month.
  • if a credit or debit is created on your rent account, your direct debit payment will be recalculated to take into consideration any changes to your rent account for the remaining monthly payments. You will receive five days notification of any changes to your direct debit
  • when a tenancy ends the direct debit automatically ends
  • the council will update your direct debit every year and inform you of any changes.

You can download a 'Rents direct debit form' below.


  • Manage your rent account online, you can now:
  • Make payment with a credit or debit card
  • View all of your rent accounts
  • Print statements
  • Request a rent card
  • Contact your income officer

To do this you will need create an online account with us . Once you've created an account, choose the Housing Rent button. Please make sure that you have your housing rents account number to hand as you will need this to set up an account.

Please note there is a surcharge of 1.65% if you pay by credit card. There is no surcharge for debit cards

Standing order

You can download a 'Standing order form' below.

Please make sure you write your rent account number on the form before sending it to your bank or building society.

If your tenancy ends, it will be your responsibility to cancel the standing order.

Post Office and PayPoint outlets

You can pay your rent and council tax at Post Offices and PayPoint outlets throughout the region using the payment card.

To see what a PayPoint sign looks like go to the 'Payment methods for rent' download below. Find your nearest PayPoint outlet .

By telephone

You can still make a credit or debit card payment over the phone by calling 0345 3000 614.

Please note there is a surcharge of 1.65% if you pay by credit card. There is no surcharge for debit cards

Help with paying your rent

If you need help paying your rent contact your income officer for advice and assistance. You may be entitled to housing benefit.

If you are in rent arrears we will try and reach a realistic agreement for you to repay the amount owed over a period of time. The council follows a legal procedure to recover arrears.


Housing Income Team

Croydon Landlord Services
020 8726 6100
Address Line:

Bernard Weatherill House

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