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Croydon Adult Social Services User Panel (CASSUP)

The Croydon Adult Social Services User Panel (CASSUP) is a group of service users, carers of service users and Croydon residents who have a strong commitment to improving the way things are done. The Panel meets six times a year and works in partnership with decision makers. They represent the views of the community to improve service delivery and access to social care services.

Update from the panel – June 2017

The panel recently took part in a question and answer session with the interim director of adult social care – Guy Van Dichele. Panel members drew up a list of questions to ask the director including what his priorities were for the coming year and how the 3% increase in Council Tax for social care would be used. Guy then did a follow up meeting with CASSUP members to feedback on actions that he had agreed to look in to. As a result of this, one panel member was asked to be used as a case study for personalisation which focused on innovative ways of creating care packages specifically for the needs of individuals.

The recent TAASC event in March was themed around advocacy in the borough and the on-going work that will take place around this. Suzanne Culling, senior joint commissioner, attended the event and gave a presentation. Attendees then took part in round table discussions, with the conversation on each table being facilitated by CASSUP panel members. The feedback from this event was very positive and CASSUP have been asked to be involved in the re-tendering of advocacy services.

Join the CASSUP Network

If you have an interest in improving adult social services in Croydon but cannot commit the time to be a full panel member, you can join the CASSUP network. Network members can receive regular newsletters, take part in surveys, or have the chance to join discussion groups.

To download the registration form click on the CASSUP network form below.

Could you be a panel member?

  • Are you someone who likes to do something about problems yourself?
  • Do you enjoy exploring what happens behind the scene?
  • Do you have at least three hours a month to spare?

If you have answered yes to these questions, you could be just the person we’re looking for to join the panel.

Please read the role description and constitution below for more details about the role of panel members and what we do. If you would like to apply please complete and return the interactive self assessment form, below.

Please note this role is not suitable for students or professionals wishing to develop social work skills because there is no case work involved.

The panel are not however able to discuss individual circumstances.  If you have a query about access to services, or about a service you are receiving, please call 020 8726 6500 or email


CASSUP - Croydon Adult Social Services User Panel

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