London Borough of Croydon

Give HIV the finger

HIV Testing Week 2018

Croydon Council supported this year’s HIV Testing Week (17 to 24 November) with more than 100 trained volunteers on the streets encouraging people to take care of their health and get tested for HIV.

The volunteers included Croydon College students, Rainbow Across Borders - a local LGBT group, and Croydon Council staff, signposting people to get tested at nearby community venues, many were set up especially for the testing week campaign.

The campaign in Croydon continued until World Aids Day on 1 December where people could get a HIV test at Croydon University Hospital, local pharmacies, the CVA Resource Centre, the Just Live Well health hub in central library and Prestige hair and beauty salon. See the full list of participating venues below.

Getting tested for HIV is a quick and confidential finger prick test, with the result available within 15 minutes. Treatment now available for HIV is very effective and not only restores people to good health but also helps reduce the onward transmission of the virus.

One in every eight people who are HIV positive in the UK do not know that they have the virus, which means they are not accessing the support available or the treatment to protect their health and prevent HIV being passed on to anyone else.

HIV testing is available throughout the year at Croydon University Hospital, at GP surgeries and other clinical settings. Postal test kits can also be ordered at any time. Find out more at

HIV Testing Week 2018 community venues in Croydon

Aumex pharmacy
43 – 44 Central Parade, CR0 0JD

Barkers pharmacy
105 Church Street, CR0 1RN

2 Whitgift Street, CRO 1FL

CVA Resource Centre
82 London Road, CR0 1RB

Day Lewis pharmacy
1351 London Road, SW16 4BE

Day Lewis pharmacy
3 High Street, SE25 6EP

Fishers chemist
249 Portland Road, SE25 4XB

Kents pharmacy
66 Church Street, CR0 1RB

Lloyd George pharmacy
63 – 65 Whitehorse Road, CR0 2JG

Mayday community pharmacy
514 London Road, CR7 7HQ

Prestige Hair & Beauty
22 London Road, CR0 2TA

Kents pharmacy
66 Church Street, CR0 1RB

Superdrug pharmacy
Unit 2 – 5, Whitgift Shopping Centre, CR0 1US

 pharmacyUnit 13 – 17, Centrale Shopping Centre, CR0 1TY

Superdrug pharmacy
1-2 Cotford Road, CR7 7JG

The Hub, Croydon library
Katharine Street, CR9 1ET

Thornton Heath pharmacy
27 High Street, CR7 8RU


About HIV and AIDS

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It's a virus that attacks the immune system, and weakens your ability to fight infections and disease. It's most commonly caught by having sex without a condom. It can also be passed on by sharing infected needles and other injecting equipment, and from an HIV-positive mother to her child during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

There is no cure for HIV, but there are treatments to enable most people with the virus to live a long and healthy life.

AIDS is the final stage of HIV infection, when your body can no longer fight life-threatening infections. With early diagnosis and effective treatment, most people with HIV will not go on to develop AIDS.

HIV support services

METRO HIV - FirstPoint

METRO HIV supports people living with HIV in a number of ways: through initial needs assessments, advice and advocacy, referrals, group work and peer support. Visit the METRO HIV website to find out more about the services on offer to you.

020 7160 0949 

Other relevant sites

You can also visit these sites and many others across the UK for support and advice about testing and after care to meet your needs.