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The winners of the Healthy Heart Song Competition 2016

Thank you to everyone that entered the competition this year. Croydon Heart Town has been incredibly impressed by the standard of entries in both categories with hundreds of children around the borough working together to write songs about how important it is to keep your heart healthy. Every entry has been judged and letters sent out with certificates to all those that entered.  

Category one winner 2016

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the category one jingle competition is;

Class 3D of Fairchildes Primary School in New Addington

The class wrote the ‘Healthy Eating Rag’.

The judges thought that the jingle had;

“Fantastic lyrics and energy! I hope you will find the time to practice performing this one some more and sing it for your friends and family, great job!” – 

“A good song with a clear positive message. Melodies are strong!”

You can judge for yourself by listening below;

Listen to the winning jingle

Category two winner 2016

It is with great pleasure that we can announce Megan Henderson in Year 5 of Atwood Primary School as the winner of this year’s competition. Megan wrote, sang and played the flute in a song entitled; ‘Swimming’. 

The judges thought that ‘Swimming’ was;

“A lovely song!  Really imaginative interpretation of the theme with great rhymes, a thoughtful melody and interesting chords.”

“Great lyrics, strong verse melody and great chorus too, with the repeated end line adding emphasis. Well done!”

You can judge for yourself by listening below;

Listen to the winning song

About the competition

Young people, musicians, singers and songwriters living in, or attending school in the London Borough of Croydon to got involved in this music competition to promote healthy lifestyles. The winners got the opportunity, to have their song and jingle recorded live in a professional recording studio in Croydon. 

There were two categories they could enter:

Category one

Anyone in: Year 3, 4, 5 or 6 could work on their own, in a group, or as a class to write a jingle that could be played on the radio. The jingle could be no longer than 30 seconds in length. We were looking for a catchy and simple message to raise awareness of how important it is to keep healthy.

Category two

Anyone in: Year 3, 4, 5 or 6 could work on their own, in a group, or as a class to write a song celebrating all the things we can do to keep our hearts healthy. The song needed to be a maximum of 3 minutes long and we encourages entries to be as creative as they wanted!

Songs didn't need to be of any specific genre or style, or played on a certain instrument. We wanted to hear anything that fitted within the time limit. Even acappella songs (a song using only voices and no instruments) were encouraged. And whatever sounds that helped to explain the message of the song. 

Tips on healthy eating and a healthy heart

Visit our Food Flagship page, which has information about healthy eating and a healthy heart.