London Borough of Croydon

Most of us enjoy some hot weather, but when the temperature continues to rise there are health risks. Heat waves can be dangerous, especially for the very young or very old or those with health problems.

Advice on how to reduce the risk for yourself or someone you know can be obtained from the NHS website, NHS 111 or from your local pharmacy.

Please look out for your family, friends and neighbours, especially if they are elderly and vulnerable during the hot weather. Make sure they are safe, keeping cool and have everything they need.

Weather and healthwatch information is available on The Met Office's website.

Air pollution may also be higher.

Medical needs

Important things to remember:

  • people with asthma, heart disease and/or other additional chronic conditions are additionally health sensitive to ozone and/or heat
  • alcohol and some prescription drugs can worsen the effect of heat.

Find more information on air quality or you can sign up for text alerts.

Additional information

On the Public Health England website you can find specific guidance for:

  • looking after yourself & others (general guidance)
  • health & social care professionals (supporting vulnerable people)
  • care home managers & staff (supporting vulnerable people)
  • teachers & professionals (looking after children),

Download the Heat Wave Plan.