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The service for children with disabilities is a specialist service for children with disabilities aged 0-18 years and their families, who require support over and above that available through universal and community services.

The service comprises of teams who have relevant knowledge, experience and skills to work with disabled children and young people. They work closely with other services such as health, education and community organisations.

Who is eligible?

Children and young people supported by the service will have a permanent and substantial physical and/or learning disability, this includes profound multiple disabilities, disability associated with complex health problems or severe sensory disabilities and be in need of support services. It excludes unrelated emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties.

Direct payments

Direct payments are cash payments made directly to:

  • Disabled people aged 16+
  • Disabled parents whose children require services
  • People with parental responsibility for disabled children
  • Carers aged 16+ who are eligible for carers' services

giving a choice to buy and arrange their own support services. The services that are bought are the ones that would otherwise be provided directly by the department for children, families and learning. These services are stated in a care plan, which is produced following a statutory assessment of your social care needs. Direct payments can only be used to buy the services agreed in your care plan.

The levels of direct payments will be reviewed regularly in line with care needs and may be subject to change.

Benefits of direct payments

Direct payments can give wider choice, control and flexibility to meet individual social care needs.

Eligibility for direct payments

Direct payments can be made to anyone that is entitled to support services.

People taking up direct payments must:

  • be willing and able to direct their care or support services
  • keep simple records to show how the money is spent

However, there is help available to help you manage the direct payments from our Direct Payments Team

Equipment and adaptations

If your child has a permanent and substantial disability that requires aid equipment or necessitates adaptations to your home, health trust staff will assess your needs and organise the appropriate services.

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Services for children with disabilities

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