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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are still operating our fostering service during this period of social distancing. We will continue to respond to all queries and are actively recruiting new foster carers in Croydon. 

We will be delivering our services remotely until social distancing measures are lifted. If you are in the middle of your application we will continue to support you. For any enquiries, call 0300 222 2112 or email

What is involved

Fostering involves looking after a child or young person as if they are a member of your family. 

Croydon needs more foster carers, particularly for teenagers. Could you be a life changer and give a young person the head start they need? You will need a spare room and time to commit to caring. 

You can be considered for fostering under many different circumstances, including if you are single, in a same sex relationship, renting a home or unemployed.  

For more information, download our guide to Fostering - what you need to know.

Send us an enquiry

To let us know you're interested in fostering, please send us a message.

Becoming a short breaks carer of children with disabilities

If you are interested in becoming involved in working with children and young people with disabilities, but do not have sufficient time to do this on a full time fostering basis, you may wish to consider becoming a short breaks carer, domiciliary carer or scheme worker. We are looking to recruit carers who can look after a child or young person with a disability on a regular basis.

For more information on becoming a short break carer of children with disabilities, please see the document below.

Watch a video of an interview with a Croydon foster family (first broadcast on ITV Daybreak in May 2012).


Fostering recruitment and assessment team

0300 222 2112
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