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About the meals on wheels service

Meals on wheels is a home delivery service for hot meals. It is designed to help people who have problems cooking for themselves be independent.

Meals are delivered by a contracted company, Apetito. Their staff will always display their identification and if you have any queries they will answer them or find out the information and get back to you.


To find out if you are eligible for meals on wheels, contact adult social care.

If your main difficulty is going out to shop for food, or you are having difficulty with other aspects of your daily life, we may be able to suggest other ways to help.

Otherwise, if you can afford to pay for them and would rather make your own arrangements, you can contact Apetito directly or use another meal agency.

When meals are delivered

A hot meal and a dessert can be delivered seven days a week any time between 11.30am and 2pm.

Meal varieties

You may need a special diet, for example vegetarian, low fat, diabetic or just like a particular type of food. Apetito will provide you in advance with a menu to choose the meals you would like for the following week.

There is a wide range of ethnic and specialist meals available as well as standard meals. Currently they offer:

  • standard
  • low salt
  • low fat
  • low sugar
  • diabetic
  • gluten free
  • vegetarian
  • Asian vegetarian
  • Caribbean
  • west African
  • central African
  • east African
  • eastern Mediterranean
  • kosher
  • halal Asian

For more information about the meals Apetito provide, visit their website.


Meal costs are fixed by us each year. The current cost is £4.99 per day.

Arrangements are made to pay by direct debit by Apetito, but please talk to them if you want to pay another way.


If you are not satisfied with the meals you have been supplied, you should contact Apetito. Alternatively, you can contact us at adult social care.

If you have a problem relating to the person who delivers your meals, contact adult social care.

We hope you will be satisfied with your meals but we are always keen to improve the service. Your comments or suggestions for improvement will always be welcomed.



020 8683 0440

Adult Social Services

020 8726 6500
020 8760 5797


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