Croydon Mobility Forum

Croydon Mobility Forum (CMF) constantly reviews and makes recommendations to improve access and facilities in Croydon for older people and those with disabilities. We do not discuss individual issues but review overall policy issues and current proposals involving all the borough's transportation and facilities at stations, car parks and other transport interchanges.

Elected forum members - representing voluntary sector workers, service users and carers with disabilities - meet with councillors, senior council managers, taxi organisations, Transport for London and bus and rail companies to discuss how best to improve services in Croydon.

The forum also acts as an advisory body on accessible transport issues in the borough. Through our actions, services in Croydon can be improved to increase the independence and social inclusion of disabled and older people.

Accessible transport in Croydon guide

We have helped to produce a guide to all forms of accessible transport in the borough and is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Cycling for all

Wheels for Wellbeing runs Cycling for All at Croydon Sports Arena which offers the use of trikes and 4-wheelers for people with disabilities who want to cycle.

John Osborne

Access Officer for Disabled People