Croydon wheelchair service eligibility criteria

The wheelchair and seating service is available to people of all ages including those under 36 months:

  • with a long-term mobility impairment, lasting at least 6 months, requiring the use of a wheelchair except in the case of palliative care
  • where the client is receiving end of life and/or palliative care
  • where the client will use the wheelchair on a regular basis for a minimum of 4 days a week
  • who have a mobility impairment which must affect their ability to walk or have a medical condition that means that walking could adversely affect their health
  • who reside within the service’s catchment area
  • who are registered with a general practitioner (GP) within the area
  • who reside out of area but are funded by Croydon Continuing Health
  • with the ability to use the equipment safely or have a carer who is able to use the equipment safely

There are more criteria if a person needs:

A person will not be eligible:

  • if they require a short term use wheelchair
  • if they live out of area or have an out of area GP and are not funded by Croydon Continuing Health; people from outside the Croydon CCG area will be treated in accordance with Who Pays? Establishing the Responsible Commissioner and other Department of Health guidance relating to patients entitled to NHS care
  • if they are unable to use the equipment safely
  • if the wheelchair is required in care homes for general portering use only – refer to our wheelchair guidance
  • for electrically powered wheelchairs required for outdoor use only
  • if an electrically powered attendant controlled-only wheelchair is required
  • if the wheelchair is required:
    • for work use only (funding for this can be sourced from Access to Work)
    • for rehabilitation purposes only – on wards or in the community 
    • for sporting activities only
    • in place of suitable static seating
    • for transportation purposes only


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