Active user wheelchairs eligibility criteria

Wheelchairs provided for full time users who are active, independent and can self-propel. These wheelchairs are prescribed and built from a range of options to suit an individual’s clinical needs. They are slightly lighter than standard wheelchairs and have a rigid frame, so only the backrest folds down.

Eligibility criteria

  • the criteria for a self-propelling wheelchair must be met
  • the user can safely propel the wheelchair independently
  • the user must be functionally unable to walk and need to use a wheelchair for independent mobility
  • the user must be a skilled wheelchair user who would directly benefit by having this type of wheelchair and be capable of exploiting its features or have the potential to develop these skills
  • the user must have required postural trunk control to manoeuvre
  • the user must be a full time user and their life style needs and ability must be such that maximum independence and mobility will be gained by such provision
  • a user who is an independent driver who cannot put a standard self-propelling wheelchair into their car independently without detriment to their health may be considered (check with clinical lead)
  • this type of wheelchair will not be provided to powered wheelchair users


The assessment focuses on the user’s clinical and lifestyle needs and supply of equipment is from a specific range designed to fulfil the client’s clinical needs.

This type of wheelchair will not be provided where the carer finds the chair heavy to lift into the car; instead the carer will be given instruction on alternative ways of doing this. Advice can be given regarding the purchase of car hoists for wheelchairs.

Any user requiring a high performance chair for employment should have their needs met by Access to Work or a similar scheme.

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