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These pages provide a summary of the environment and climate change strategy and carbon management energy efficiency programme. You can download the full strategy documents below.

The links below contain new action plans for climate change mitigation and adaptation to steer this work and a state of the environment report to provide an annual monitoring mechanism to assess progress against the priorities and vision.

State of the environment report

This document illustrates Croydon's environmental performance using a summary of environmental data. The indicators give a good indication of where the environment is successfully being protected or enhanced and where more work needs to be done. The information is displayed using a graph or map and a summary description of the trends shown. Case studies are used to give more detail about specific areas of work.

Climate change mitigation action plan

Croydon has set a long term target for the borough of a 34% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025. This action plan seeks to not only meet this target but also to create opportunities for Croydon in doing so. We aim to make the transition to a low carbon economy and improve energy security by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. We aim to better target national initiatives and create local programmes which will help tackle long-standing challenges within the borough such as fuel poverty and social exclusion and improve the overall quality of life through the provision of cleaner, greener spaces and low carbon travel choices.

Climate change adaptation action plan

This adaptation action plan aims to build adaptive capacity within the borough, putting in place the support systems, legislative and policy frameworks which will allow the borough to safeguard and increase the resilience of public services as well as encouraging local businesses to deliver adaptation action. All actions will be carried out within the principles of sustainable development, improving the wellbeing of local residents in the borough.

Carbon management energy efficiency programme (CMEEP 2010-2015)

The CMEEP will deliver a 25% reduction in carbon emissions from the council's own operations by 2015. The programme includes a range of small and large scale energy efficiency projects to be delivered over the next 5 years. Please see summary of CMEEP (2010-2015) below.


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