London Borough of Croydon

Take pride in Croydon and help the planet

In Croydon we currently recycle 38% of our household waste but 70% is recyclable. The rubbish we throw away is polluting our planet and we all need to do our bit to protect the environment.

By changing the bins, bags and boxes you use for your rubbish we can take pride in Croydon and help the planet.

Find out about the changes to your waste and recycling service over the festive period

What does this mean for you?

It means you have more space to store your mixed paper and card and dry mixed recycling. You can also recycle household batteries as part of the collection. We have a new timetable for waste & recycling collections, so the day for your collection may have changed.

Check your new collection day and what can be collected.

We've delivered new wheelie bins (or in some cases bags) to most households.

Plastic Bag.jpg Most households have received a new 180-litre wheelie bin for general rubbish. This bin may be smaller than your existing one but you should have plenty of space for your rubbish if you recycle as much as you can.

The frequency of your collections will not change. But the collection day for three-quarters of households has changed - this is necessary to make the rounds more efficient.

Your questions

If you have any queries about the new bins or collections, read our detailed FAQs,

Benefits of the new service

Bin targets

We believe the changes will:

  • Boost Croydon’s recycling rate from 38% to over 50% - making us one of the highest recycling boroughs in London. 
  • Make our streets even cleaner -  by preventing recycling and general waste from blowing down the road on windy days.
  • Save money - the new service will save £5 million per year. We'll use that money to protect vital frontline services that residents rely on.

Missed collections

If we've missed a collection, confirm the collection date and report it online.

Get in touch

If you have any other queries or concerns about the changes, please get in touch at or on 02086047282 (lines open between 9am and 5pm).

How can you help?  Recycle Trees.jpg

We want Croydon to be one of the cleanest, greenest boroughs in London.  To achieve this, we need you to work with us by making use of the extra space to recycle more and waste less. 

A major change like this will be challenging and we expect there will be some disruptions.  We will continue to work with our contractor, Veolia, to minimise any disruptions. 

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