Smoke control areas

Smoke from domestic chimneys

Under the Clean Air Act 1993, Croydon declared the majority of the borough as a smoke control area. To find out if you are in a smoke control area please contact the Pollution Team using the contact details below.

If you live in a smoke control area you must comply with the following:

  • It is an offence to emit smoke from a domestic chimney.
  • It is an offence for any person or company to obtain or deliver unauthorised fuels to a building, unless an exempt appliance is in use. Ordinary wood and bituminous coal are not authorised fuels.
  • Smoke control areas only restrict smoke from domestic chimneys and do not cover garden bonfires or bonfires on building and construction sites. For further information on bonfires see 'Are bonfires necessary'.

For more information on the location of smoke control areas, approved fuels and a list of exempt appliance, see UK Smoke control areas or download the 'Using wood and coal for home heating' guide below.

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