London Borough of Croydon

First impressions count for all businesses, residents and visitors to Croydon. We know that you want us to take a zero tolerance approach to those that continue to leave a mess. Fly-tipping and littering is an offence and we will take firm action against those who break the Law providing we have the evidence to do so.

All litter that ends up in your streets makes Croydon look dirty and uncared for and it cost you the tax payer for the council to clear it up:

  • People tend to drop litter where rubbish already exists
  • They throw litter from their cars to keep their cars clean
  • They assume someone else will clean it up such as at the cinema or park
  • Litter in the streets is unsightly and may be dangerous to your health
  • Leftover food and wrappers not only smell but attract rats and foxes to your streets

The council provides a comprehensive waste collection service covering recyclable and non-recyclable waste, green/garden waste and white goods. These services enable you to dispose of your waste safely and legally.

Take pride in your area and personal responsibility to help to keep your streets clean and reduce litter; you can help by:

  • Using the litter bins provided; there are approximately 1,500 litter bins in Croydon so there is no excuse to drop litter.
  • Use the special bins for all smoking-related litter; such as cigarette butts, and recycle your rubbish where possible, alternatively take it home.

If you live or work in Croydon, you can also help to keep your streets tidy by ensuring that you store, recycle and arrange collection of your rubbish properly.

Use our bulky waste and white goods collection services to remove larger unwanted household items and avoid dumping rubbish and larger items in empty spaces and alleyways.

Finally, join in and raise awareness about taking pride in Croydon by reporting any problems you see as soon as possible. Download our free 'My Croydon' smartphone reporting app from the Google play store for Android or Apple iTunes store for iPhones. You can also call the fly-tipping hotline on 0208 604 7000 to report any issues directly to us.