London Borough of Croydon

Standards of street cleaning

We use several methods to keep our streets clean, from street cleaners with barrows to large mechanical sweeping machines. Our officers check that we meet the standards for cleanliness prescribed by the law. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part IV brought in a code of practice that sets cleanliness standards for streets and land, depending on location and usage. This has been strengthened by the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

We monitor our street cleaning contractor performance levels. Our Clean and Green reporting focuses on Don't Mess with Croydon's three main themes; education, enforcement and ease of use. Council and Veolia staff meet each month to review progress and results against key performance indicators (KPI's) across these themes, as well as to agree joint action to tackle any problems or issues highlighted by performance results.

The Clean and Green dashboard has been designed to provide an overview of performance against targets (where appropriate) and longer term trends across a range of indicators for staff and greater transparency of performance information for the public.


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