London Borough of Croydon

Don't Mess with Croydon survey

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Take pride in Croydon 

Get involved at every opportunity to tackle environmental crime and help make Croydon a clean and attractive place for everybody. You can help to make a difference to the area where you live, work or study. By working together we can help Croydon's neighbourhoods and high streets to become free of litter, fly-tipping, and other environmental crimes. Keeping our streets clean is a two-way thing, so help us to help you.


It is rewarding taking action and can make a real difference to your community:

  • taking part in litter picks in your area will leave it a cleaner looking and can help the environment too
  • getting involved in a local group, you can meet like-minded people and get to know your neighbours or community members
  • working together with others you'll get local support and help to restore pride in your community.

How to take part

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you can:


Thinking of organising your own clean-up day? Contact us There are also a number of organisations that have produced information and guidelines to help you plan your event.

The Keep Britain Tidy website provides advice on organising litter clearing events, including event planning, event management, publicising your event, health and safety considerations, waterside clean-ups, equipment and recycling of litter collected.

The Litter Action Information Centre contains all of the information you will need to organise your own litter pick, from how to fund your group and whether to purchase liability insurance to where to purchase equipment. Also you can read up on some of the background to the laws surrounding litter and fly-tipping.