Don't Mess With Croydon

Don't Mess with Croydon seeks to crack down on fly-tipping and other environmental crimes. Find out about community clean-ups, community Street Champions and the Love Clean Streets app.

Don't Mess With Croydon

The Don't Mess with Croydon campaign seeks to crack down on fly-tipping and other environmental crimes in the borough. It sends a firm message to anyone who blights our borough with litter.

Issues such as fly-tipping have a negative effect on people's quality of life. Those who dump rubbish in our streets affect everyone in the community; it is not enough to simply remove the fly-tips once reported but to ensure that we are taking strong action.

To tackle some of these issues, we will put in place special fly-tip reaction teams to patrol the borough with council enforcement officers, investigating fly-tips to catch, fine and prosecute offenders. We will work closely with residents and local business to ensure they too are playing their part in supporting our campaign.

Take pride: it's your duty to look after the environment and dispose of your waste responsibly; there are a range of services available to help you to keep communities clean and tidy. With your support we can make Croydon one of the cleanest greenest boroughs in London.

Fly-tipping is illegal, report it!

We need you to take action to reduce litter in the area where you live, work or visit. Preventing littering and fly-tipping is everyone's responsibility and together we can make a difference to our communities. If you see someone fly-tipping, littering or leaving other types of mess, don't just ignore it, report it!

We rely on you to tell us about fly-tippers, littering and other enviro-crimes. There are different ways to report issues:

We will ensure that the fly-tip is cleared as quickly as possible and as part of our Don’t Mess with Croydon; take pride service we'll let you when it's done.

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Find out about our waste and recycling and street cleansing services.

Don't Mess with Croydon: take pride

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