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Children with statements of SEN / an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) may be provided with travel assistance, but it is not an automatic right. Children will be provided with travel assistance to school where this is deemed necessary in the light of the needs set out in their statements of SEN / their EHCPs. 

You can apply by completing the travel assistance referral  the right of this page

Application forms must be received by the 14th July 2017 for travel assistance to be in place for the start of term in September 2017.  We cannot guarantee that travel assistance will be in place for September for forms received after the 14th July 2017.

Further Information

Consideration will be given to the school being proposed by the Local Authority (LA). Parents should be aware that if they express a preference for a school further from home than another suitable school, there is no duty upon the LA to provide travel assistance.
The LA will continue to provide assistance as long as the child's needs are such that given all his/her circumstances, she/he continues to require travel assistance to get to school and still qualifies under the LA Transport Policy.
The LA will carry out an initial assessment. If necessary, additional advice may be sought from relevant agencies or professionals.
Currently assistance is provided through: car mileage payments to parents; Independent Travel Training, A Buddy Scheme, school buses and taxis. The LA determines the best match to the child's needs with reference to the resources available.
There is an appeal process if travel assistance is not agreed because your child does not qualify under the normal mileage criteria. Further details can be provided by the Travel Assistance Commissioner. 


Jackie Wright

Travel Assistance Commissioner
020 8760 5454


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