London Borough of Croydon

Home to school travel

Children with special needs may be eligible for support with their home-to-school travel; download the document, "Croydon’s Home to School Travel Assistance policy" for more information. To apply you should download and complete the travel assistance form

Blue Badge parking scheme

The Blue Badge Parking Scheme allows disabled people to park on-street for free - there are eligibility criteria.  Disabled parking bays and dropped kerbs may be created outside homes of Blue Badge holders – go to Parking bays for disabled people for details.


People who receive either the higher rate mobility component of DLA or the enhanced rate mobility component of PIP can exchange their mobility allowance to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair – go to for more details. 

Vehicle tax

You will also be exempt from paying vehicle tax – either for your own vehicle or that of a nominated carer; see Vehicles exempt from vehicle tax for more information.  If you qualify for vehicle tax exemption due to your child’s needs you may use the Dartford Tunnel toll and bridge  free of charge.

Public transport

Transport for London , National Express and National Rail  all provide discounts on fares, subject to eligibility. 

Croydon Council provides a Disabled Person’s Freedom Pass for those with an eligible disability and also takes part in the London Taxicard Scheme which provides reduced fares in black cabs for Croydon residents who are registered blind, or have severe mobility problems and are unable to use public transport

Transport for All 

  • provides a helpline for disabled users of public transport in London
  • help and advice on travel including planning journeys, applying for discount cards and support in complaining about transport services
  • publishes a free guide Get Moving: a guide to London’s transport services for disabled and older people

For more information download the leaflet below. 

Keeping You Safe

For support and guidance on keeping you safe when you are out and about, please download the workbook below. The workbook includes top tips on how to keep yourself safe and covers guidance on managing situations such as when being followed and bullied. There also many fun games and activities that will help you learn how to keep you safe!

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