London Borough of Croydon

Children Looked After (CLA) with SEN

Children Looked After (CLA) are those children and young people who are in care.  A Virtual School team promote and support their education by providing specialist guidance and training to senior leaders, governors and designated teachers for CLA, to enable them to better support the children in care attending their school and improve education outcomes. The Virtual Schools team tracks, monitors and works to improve the educational progress and attainment of all Children Looked After (CLA), including those with special needs. 

All Looked After Children have a Personal Education Plan (PEP) which sits alongside an Education Health and Care plan (EHC). The Virtual Schools team will attend PEP meetings where appropriate and provide advice and guidance. They work closely with the Special Needs team on areas such as changes in educational placement.  One-to-one tuition is provided where needed; they also provide an emotional resilience course to primary age Children Looked After (CLA). Children and young people with special needs are included in this support where it is needed and can be accessed.

During the education, health and care (EHC) assessment process, the SEND team can request a contribution to this process from the virtual school team by requesting that they provide further information on the support that they have been providing to the young person. Alike other professionals, the virtual school team have a statutory responsibility to respond to this request within six weeks.

For more information on services to Children Looked After (CLA), visit the website – Looked after children pages.

The Virtual School team may be contacted on 020 8 604 7694.