London Borough of Croydon

Description of service

The speech and language therapy (SLT) service works within the Balanced System to deliver universal, targeted and specialist provision:

  • universal provision is for all children and young people (CYP) and includes early prevention, raising awareness and provision of advice and strategies relevant to the whole class
  • targeted provision provides advice on strategies, intervention and access arrangements and funding for children who require extra help with communication and interaction which schools can make available from their own resources; targeted provision also includes training and coaching for school staff including network meetings and engagement in the Partners in Communication programme.
  • specialist provision is for children and young people who need support directly from the SLT service, which is over and above what’s provided at a targeted and universal level

Planning speech and language therapy input

Each school has an allocated termly liaison meeting with the SENCO where the needs of the school and CYP can be discussed and next steps determined - these will be needs-driven.

An overview of the communication needs across the school will be recorded on a provision map so that therapists time and resources can be well targeted. 

Any discussions around caseloads about individual children will be recorded on a feedback sheet. Schools should have a copy of this for their records and to share with families. 

Who the speech and language service will support

The Croydon speech and language therapy (SLT) service is commissioned to provide specialist input to CYP who are Croydon residents or residents who have a Croydon GP. 

Children who live outside the borough and have an out of borough GP are entitled to receive universal and targeted provision.

EHC plan assessments and reviews

The SLT will:

  • carry out an assessment or review for any child who is on the current caseload for the service
  • provide general advice and support to school staff, preparing and submitting requests for EHC plan assessments or EHC reviews for children who are not on the current caseload for the service
  • where possible, activity around assessment and advice for children should be included as part of the termly liaison meeting

Getting in touch

Croydon NHS Speech and Language Therapy Service
Sanderstead Clinic
40 Rectory Road
South Croydon
Phone: 020 8714 2594