London Borough of Croydon

Primary Fair Access Panel (Inclusion Forum)

Description of Service

The Primary Fair Access Panel (Inclusion Forum) is a panel convened by Croydon Council to consider the following:

  • Children and young people without a school place who have a complex educational history.
  • Pupils who have been permanently excluded or who are at risk of permanent exclusion.
  • Pupils who have a school place but the school feels the pupil needs a new school or an alternative education placement, because the school feels they cannot meet their needs.

The panel consists of representatives from Primary schools in Croydon, short stay school and officers from Croydon Council.

The panel considers cases referred by schools and can offer a pupil a place at either another mainstream school, at a short stay school or at an independent alternative education provider.

Referrals will only be considered from schools providing there is written parental consent and evidence to show that Croydon primary schools have followed the staged approach adopted the Croydon Council to prevent permanent exclusions.

Full details of the of this staged approach can be downloaded together with other relevant documents:

  • Guidelines on staged approach to prevent permanent exclusions in Croydon primary schools.
  • Dates for 2018-2019 Primary Fair Access and Inclusion Forum Meetings
  • Stage 3 Guidance referral form for Inclusion Forum
  • Stage 4 Referral form for Primary Fair Access Pupil Placement Panel
  • Primary FAP Parental Consent Form

If you require more information about the Fair Access Panel and inclusion Forum please contact, Val Burrell-Walker (Fair Access Manager):


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