London Borough of Croydon

The Croydon Local Authority (LA) 0-25 SEND Team are responsible for managing statutory processes and duties in relation to requesting an assessment for an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans, reviewing and ceasing EHC plans.

In addition to the guidance and duties set out in the Send Code of Practice, the service has developed guidance and local documentation to support schools, families and other practitioners to understand expectations and time frames for each process.

As soon as the LA receives a request for an assessment for an EHC plan, the case is allocated to an EHC plan coordinator. Cases are allocated on the basis of the initial letter of the child’s or young person’s surname.  

Contacting the 0-25 SEND Service.

The SEND team contact list has details of all EHC coordinators as well as other team members who may be able to help schools with any queries about processes and provision for children with or requesting EHC plans:

Download: 0-25 SEND Contact list

Making a request for assessment for EHC Plan

Statutory Assessment Panel (STAG)

The 0-25 SEND team holds a fortnightly panel to consider requests for assessments for EHC plan (see dates and times below)

If you would like to observe a panel meeting or to volunteer as a school representative to present and contribute to decision making on whether to the request for an assessment should be agreed please contact

Request forms and associated documents

There are school request forms, pupil and parent view forms specific to early years, primary schools and secondary schools so that the evidence gathered provides the most relevant information for children in different phases of education:

Early Years (for children in reception class)
1. RB.1 School/setting request for assessment form
2. RP.1 Parent view form
3. RC.1 Child contribution form

Primary (KS1 and KS2)

1.RB.2 School/setting request for assessment form
2. RP.2 Parent view form
3. RC.2 Child contribution form

Secondary (KS3 and KS4)

1. RB.3 School/setting request for assessment form
2. RP.3 Parent view form
3. RC.3 Child contribution form

Associated documents/Information

Diagram to show time frames and activities at each stage of the process from requesting an EHC plan to the issue of a final EHC plan:

Download: April 2018 EHC plan timeline

Leading annual reviews of EHC plans

EHC plans must be reviewed at least annually.

Information on how schools should prepare, lead and record annual reviews are included in the information sheets below. These includes information on when to hold interim reviews and guidance on additional information required to support preparation for adulthood in EHC plan reviews from Year 9 onwards:


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