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Applying for a school place in four simple steps

This step-by-step breakdown takes you through the process of applying for a school place for those starting primary or moving to secondary school in 2015.

You can also register to apply online at

However if you are applying for places in a year group other than the normal year of entry to primary or secondary school you will need to fill out an In Year Application Form.

The 2015-16 primary and secondary schools prospectuses are available to download at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Getting ready - do your research

Key dates for primary school admissions

Key dates for secondary school admissions

School open evenings

Step 2: Check the admission policies

Check your local school's admissions policies

Check Croydon's admission policy

Step 3: Complete your application

Apply online

Supplementary application forms

Step 4: Receiving your offer

Primary offer timetable

Secondary offer timetable

The starting primary school prospectus and the secondary school admissions prospectus can both be downloaded below.

You can also download information about the co-ordinated primary admission scheme -2014 and the co-ordinated Secondary admission scheme 2014.

Fair Processing

Croydon Council will handle the information you have provided in line with the provisions of the Data protection Act. Any personal information will be held in confidence with only the necessary people able to see or use it. Under the Data Protection Act, you have the right to make a formal request in writing for access to personal data held about you or your child.

Croydon Council has a duty under the Children's Act 2004 to work with partners to provide and improve services to children and young people in the area. Therefore, Croydon Council may also use this information for other legitimate purposes and may share this information where necessary with other bodies responsible for administering services to children and young people. Croydon Council also has a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end, it may use the information you have provided on your application form for the prevention and detection of fraud.


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