London Borough of Croydon

Receiving your offer - primary timetable 2015

1. Outcome letter issued with your school place offer

Thursday 16 April

National Offer Day. Croydon Admissions will send Croydon residents an offer of a single school place by first class post.

If you applied online, you can see the results of your application from the evening of Thursday 16 April rather than waiting for your letter to arrive in the post.  In addition you will receive an email with the results of your application later that day.

2. Respond to your offer

Thursday 30 April

 Deadline for parent/carer to respond to offer

3. Waiting list places will be offered

  May - August

Croydon admissions will begin to re-allocate, in waiting list order, any offered places no longer required.

4. Late applications will be processed

  May - August

Processing of applications received after 15 January begins.

Applications received at any time will only be processed when all required supporting documents have been received.