London Borough of Croydon

List of schools with vacancies as of 18 June 2018

Please note that the following schools have vacancies as at 18 June 2018, therefore the places will be filled by the Local Authority on an adhoc basis. However, some of the schools listed below only have limited number of places left and there is no guarantee that you would be offered a place at one of these schools.  If more applications are received for these schools than there are places available, applicants will be placed on the waiting list and places will be allocated in accordance with each school's admissions criteria.

If you wish to add any of the following schools as new preferences to your application please email the School Admissions Team at and type 'New Preference School for Reception 2018' in the subject field.

DfE number Name of school  
306 3000 All Saints CofE Primary School  
306 2016 Applegarth Academy  
306 2082 Broadmead Primary Academy  
306 2035 Castle Hill Academy  
306 2008 David Livingstone Primary Academy Limited availabilility
306 2100 Davidson Primary Academy  
306 2109 Forest Academy  
306 3416 Gilbert Scott Primary School Limited availabilility
306 2019 Gonville Academy Limited availabilility
306 2034 Harris Primary Academy Benson  
306 2061 Harris Primary Academy Purley Way  
306 2066 Heathfield Academy  
306 2090 Heavers Farm Primary School  
306 2058 Kenley Primary School Limited availabilility
306 2113 Kingsley Primary School  
306 2104 Krishna Avanti Primary School  
306 2088 New Valley Primary School  
306 2105 Norbury Manor Primary School Limited availabilility
306 2083 Orchard Way Primary School Limited availabilility
306 2087 Paxton Academy Sports and Science Specialist  
306 2033 Purley Oaks Primary School  
306 3408 Regina Coeli RC Primary School Limited availabilility
306 2108 Rowdown Primary Academy  
306 5200 Selsdon Primary School Limited availabilility
306 2067 Smitham Primary School  
306 3409 St Aidan's Catholic Primary School  
306 3411 St Chad's Catholic Primary School  
306 3412 St Joseph's RC Infant School  
306 2091 St Mark's CofE Primary Academy  
306 3420 The Crescent Primary School  
306 3007 The Minster Nursery & Infant School  
306 2099 The South Norwood Academy Limited availabilility
306 2055 The Woodside Primary Academy  
306 2051 Winterbourne Infant  and Nursery School  
306 2053 Wolsey Infant School  
306 3418 Woodcote Primary School  

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Faith Schools​

Please contact the faith schools listed below directly for how places were allocated.


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