London Borough of Croydon

List of schools with vacancies as of 9 May 2017

Please note that the following schools have vacancies and no waiting list, as at 9 May 2017, therefore the places will be filled by the Local Authority on an adhoc basis.  However, some of the schools listed below only have limited number of places left and there is no guarantee that you would be offered a place at one of these schools. 

If more applications are received for these schools than there are places available, applicants will be placed on the waiting list and places will be allocated in accordance with each school's admissions criteria. Click on each school for more details about the school.

Parents may email the School Admissions Team to accept or decline the school offer the have been given. The team's email address is:

Primary school offers breakdown

At the bottom of this page, you can download list of oversubscribed Primary Schools

Faith Schools


Please contact the faith schools listed below directly for how places were allocated.


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