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Did you know that 93.5% of 16-17 year olds in Croydon are in education, employment or training? Are you (or your 16-17 year old child) one of them and we just don’t know?

Please let us know what you (or your child) is doing by completing our GetInvolved survey.

The basics

If you were born on or after 1 September, 1997, you must remain in some form of education or training until your 18th birthday.

Your options

This doesn’t mean that you have to stay in school until you are 18. You could:

  • Stay in full-time education, at a school sixth form or college
  • Learn whilst you work, in programmes such as apprenticeships.
  • Get a job with specified training or
  • Volunteer for more than 20 hours a week in combination with accredited learning.

Please see the ‘Options when you’re 16’ and ‘Steps to Success Newsletter’ sections for more information, advice and resources on your options and choices in addition to a monthly newsletter with education, employment with training, volunteering opportunities and events starting the same or following month which you can apply to.

Why do you need to do this?

The economy, the world of work and jobs are continually changing; more jobs require a higher level of skill, training and qualification. The requirement to remain in some form of education or training until your 18th birthday will help to prepare you for successful careers and equip you for the demands of the 21st Century.

What the council needs to do

We have a legal responsibility to ensure people in Croydon between 16 – 19 years old are in education, training or employment. We must report this information to the Department for Education.

This means that we may contact you or your parent / carer to find out if the information we have about you is accurate. 

How you can help

You can help by telling us what you are doing at the moment – use the contact details below.


14-19 Youth Engagement Team

020 8726 7485
Address Line:

4th Floor, Zone A

Bernard Weatherill House

8 Mint Walk

Croydon CR0 1EA


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